Thursday, September 16, 2010

The adoption Journey We are opening our hearts and home and would love YOUR support!

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to share our exciting news with you!

We have decided to expand our family through adoption and are busily getting
ready to welcome our new child!

For us, the difficult part of this process - other than the waiting - is the expense. As some of you may know, adoption expenses include agency fees, legal fees, document preparation costs, travel expenses and more.

We have been saving for some time, but are still seeking ways to raise more funds for our wonderful venture.

We recently learned of a program through OneCause and the National Adoption Foundation that we think will help us make
our adoption dream come true.

OneCause is a nontraditional fundraising program that will help us earn the funds we need through everyday opportunities, such as shopping at hundreds of name-brand merchants online or in stores and catalogs, through purchasing gift certificates, by using the OneCause credit card, or through a variety of other easy programs.
We're really excited about this program and wanted to let you know that you can participate and help us build our family by becoming a member of OneCause.

There's absolutely no cost or hassle to you - just do what you do everyday and we will earn credit toward our adoption costs!

Here's How You Can Help

1. Become a registered member of OneCause. Simply go to and register as a OneCause member. This only takes a minute and you'll be on your way to helping us out.

2. Once you have registered, find the "Dues Crediting" field at the bottom of the online registration screen. You will see a field called "Benefiting." Enter our registered email address and your contributions will automatically begin to benefit us. Our Registered Email address is:

3. Begin shopping at hundreds of OneCause merchants online, in stores, and through catalogs. You'll earn a merchant contribution on each purchase, a percentage of which will go toward our adoption credit. Remember to begin all of your online shopping at OneCause so we earn credit!

4. Consider signing up for and using the OneCause Visa card for all of your purchases. On every purchase you make with the card - no matter where you make it - the National Adoption Foundation earns a 1% contribution, part of which goes toward our adoption. To sign up, go to or call 1-800-297-1286 and use code 28B8. Once your card arrives, be sure to activate, register your card, and start shopping!

5. Ask us about other OneCause opportunities to help us earn adoption credit!
That's all there is to it!

Please call or email us with any questions you may have regarding our situation. We are always excited and happy to talk about this wonderful adventure.

When our child arrives home to us, we will contact you with our happy news.

Thank you so much for helping us bring our child home.

Register with OneCause and help us build our family!

Abigel Arvina turns 12!

My Spitfire turned 12 today, she is such a fun kid, and draws so much light and happiness towards her. She is without malice, and guile, she is all sweetheart.

So much fun,

she also puts her needs aside to ensure that others are being taken care of.

When she was in preschool, and won a prize or got a treat (package of smarties) she would hold the candy in her sweaty little hands until we got home just so she could share with sister and daddy.

Always she loves and endures s much for us. We are so grateful for her!

I took her to get a haircut and we enjoyed lunch with daddy, I have to say, it took some convincing to get the stylist to cut it short enough in back, but WE LOVE IT!