Monday, December 26, 2011

Recognize your time is Limited....Part 2

If not You, then who?
If not This then What?
If not Now, then When?

How many times have you seen a problem, anything from a piece of trash lying on the sidewalk, to a homeless person pushing a shopping cart.

Maybe you have thought "oh that is too bad, someone should pick that up." and then you walked away. So let me ask you something. WHO is that SOMEONE?
If you looked at the homeless person and though, "What a shame, that must be humiliating" Then you proceeded to your warm, lavishly decorated, comfortable home and life. Leaving the responsibility of that one individual to 'someone else'

Certainly these are not YOUR problems to consider?

Certainly SOMEONE else has a solution.


Who will start tomorrow on their "Bucket List" ?
What is wrong with today?
What is keeping you from working on that list of Goals? What are you waiting for?
To get out of debt, Loose weight, Start exercising, Kick that bad habit, Reach out to a loved one.

Your time here is LIMITED, so START NOW!