Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so abundantly blessed. We decided that the Holidays would be dismal if we were not able to break bread with our close friends (might as well be family) So we saved our pennies, and packed our car, and drove 10+ hours I WILL say I did not enjoy the drive, I was already stressed by the time we hit the road, and my energy has been depleted since I had walking Pneumonia last month. It took all I had just to ensure everyone had clean clothes and undies. But persevere we did, and we arrived last night at 2:39 a.m. Tuesday. (ugh) All the Grove kids were awake and awaiting for our arrival....we hugged, squealed, and promptly sent all the littles to bed.... Today was a typical day of relaxing, and energizing at once. the Wonderful Daddy's took all but 2 kids to Timbertown play area while Sasha and I visited on the couch and Madi & Jolie made pies.... We couldn't ask for a better afternoon. (OK massages and a shopping spree would have been fun...BUT) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we have more food than many 3rd world nations see in a month on the menu. We are so very blessed. Food to eat. Family to enjoy it with. Warm and safe beds to rest. Freedoms. Testimony. Love. Hope.