Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks again...

The donations are slowly trickling in!
Thank you "SF"
Thank you "LL"

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to our family & friends.

Family & Friends

Each time we add a child to our crew we are humbled and a little bit overwhelmed. This time rather than a pregnancy announcement it is an adoption announcement! Wesley and I are honored to have these sweet spirits in our home and consider it our greatest honor and asset that we are being blessed with more.
Let me tell you a little bit about Melvin. Melvin had a severe medical need when the group from “Global Orphan Outreach” found him and brought him to the USA on an emergency medical visa. He was diagnosed as severely malnourished (24 lbs at 4 yrs old) and had Malaria and other urgent medical issues. Melvin was cared for by a very special family in Minnesota that covered all of his medical needs and physical needs while in their care. Melvin is also deaf, the remainder of his medical needs have been addressed and he is growing stronger.

Here is where our family steps into the picture. We have the privilege to offer respite care (foster care) for Melvin while we paper chase to adopt him from Liberia. In normal adoptions, the family spends time doing the paper work, and then fundraising and finally brings their child home. In our case, we are starting backwards.

The Dr’s who treated Melvin in Minnesota have said it is a death sentence to send him back to Liberia, where malaria is rampant, they felt his body was too weak from his multiple issues to withstand another infection. Melvin’s Medical Visa is being renewed until August, when we as a family must return with him to appear in the courts to petition to adopt him. We have from now until May to raise $8,000.00. Then we will have until August 2012 to raise the remainder of our expenses (including travel ) estimated at $8,000.00 Total fees will be $16,000.00.

This is where you come in!
We have planned several opportunities to participate in a fundraiser, and we appreciate your support. If there is a certain skill or idea YOU have, we appreciate the help in implementing those ideas.

Here is a list of what OUR family is doing to raise the money for his adoption:

-Walk/Run for Melvin: Hosted by Dee Dibal in Lenexa, Kansas (goal is $4500.00)
Each participant will pay $5 to participate and we will have T-shirts designed to sell for $15.00. You need not be a runner/walker to purchase the T-Shirt. (and designs for the shirt welcome and appreciated)

-TUPPERWARE Fundraiser Hosted by Various team leaders (we mean YOU) (Goal is $4000)
April 17th KICK OFF April 27th CLOSING party/event
We have catalogs or web orders available if customers order from the Tupperware fundraising catalog we get 40% of the money, if they order from the full catalog online we get 25-30% of the money. If you are willing and able to be a team leader we will do an orientation on what it takes to help (pass out flyers/catalogs, collect money, and then take shipment of orders in your area).

-Spaghetti dinner & Dance Hosted by Bear’s Aloha Grill (Goal is $5000)
June 8th 6 p.m. suggested donation $8.00 per plate or $50.00 per family
Looking for entertainment for this evening, singers, bands, etc cabaret style. If you have a talent you are willing to share, please volunteer. We also need people; to donate some of the foods, to help arrange a program and of course SPREAD THE WORD.

Of course if you do not feel like you have the skills or time to donate, we also have a PayPal account set up to accept donations. If you go to our family blog : , there is a “donate via PayPal” button . It goes directly to the savings account we have started for Melvin’s adoption.

Please do not feel bad if FUNDS are not available to donate, we are asking for your support as well as donations, there is no way we can pull this off without help, Thanks For EVERYTHING you do!

The road we have started is a long one and has many twists and turns. Already the 6 weeks since we have decided to adopt have been a HUGE roller coaster. We appreciate your SUPPORT and PRAYERS as well as any other ways YOU feel like you can help our efforts. Any POSITIVE feedback appreciated (since we are WELL AWARE of the hurdles we have to face).
Much love and appreciation!
Wesley & Deanna Gordon & Family.