Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to Believe.... Part 7 ACTION JACKSON!




Do not be a part of the 99% that learn, read, search and know. but do not do.

It is like the dietitian KNOWING what is healthy, and choosing Fast-Food anyway (Which I Do occasionally)
It is like the Financial Counselor knowing how to invest money, and grow his portfolio and he goes into debt instead.
Or the Yoga instructor who never practices that Adho Mukha Svanasana.

knowing is HALF the battle.

DOING is the other half.....

So go!


Get on with it......

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time to Believe.... Part 6

OK, since this path is NOT a short one... and you have spent at least a year in educating yourself, becoming the expert and allowing yourself to enjoy the journey. You have humbled yourself and learned all you can about your area of interest.

Now comes the fun!!

TEACH what you have LEARNED!

Now give back to others, offer to share what you know, what you love and why it means so much to you. Make that joy contagious. Maybe others will not lose it AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

But share anyway... some portion of what you have learned will be the nugget of information that is vital (VITAL) to someone else. IF you keep it to your self.... your not using those God-Given talents their full glory.

TALENTS?! You say..... WAIT a minute, I had to work LONG & HARD to become the expert, to learn all I can and to have this much knowledge, that was WORK, not TALENT!

yep. Your right, your absolutely right.

And God gave you the TALENT of loving that subject and the TALENT or Gift of Knowledge.

Now share it. You TRULY only know what you know...when you can teach what you know. The Student becomes the teacher and the knowledge becomes a PART of you!

teaching is the greatest gift, honor & privilege! So share it!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time to Believe Part 5...Seek out mentors

So you have realized who you are.
And you have studied all you can.
Now you are ready to move onto the next level, you are BOOK SMART but lack experience.

So this is the part where you HUMBLE yourself, you accept that you only understand in THEORY your area of expertise, and you find someone with VAST experience and working knowledge on what you have chosen.

Find a Mentor.

Sounds difficult. Maybe. But most people who are the experts in their field enjoy SHARING this passion & JOY! They WANT others to love what they love, and so when they see a eager, young(or older), energetic individual that has shown such interest in what they have interests in...they are typically THRILLED with the opportunity to share in that passion.

So use a little flattery, (for them) and a bit of humility (for you) and ask them to teach you. Be willing to learn however they offer to teach, if that means you will be scrubbing toilets for the first 3 months of your apprenticeship (because they have not had the time to get around to it....) then ACCEPT that JOB! WORK like you have never worked before.... in the end you will gain their respect and TRUST and they will gladly impart all their wise advice and experience for your benefit.

be an ASSET to them!

Be patient, Be Kind, Be humble, Be HUMBLE and be WILLING to WORK for it!

(in the end it is pretty fun......ENJOY the JOURNEY!)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Proclamation of Imperfection!

Proclamation of Imperfection.

What does this mean?

It means I openly and honestly admit to you, my friends, readers, fans, and supporters.


I share on here the words and thoughts that INSPIRE me! I am not preaching, I am sharing, I am not condemning, I am growing, I do not profess to be perfect, or the Example to others... in only way can I be an example. that is my DESIRE to do GOOD.

I have weaknesses and issues abounding in my life, If I were to list all of them....alphabetically it would take up at least 36 pages and a WHOLE lot of time....

BUT I will say this. I have been asked & Encouraged to share the HAPPY & UPLIFTING times and thoughts of my life. and this I attempt to do here. With you as the recipient (whomever you are...)

I am weak, but I get back on that horse every day. (OK maybe not EVERY DAY) some days I just stayin my PJ's and lament at my weaknesses. but then I get a most glorious thing. a Phone call from a friend, business partner or mentor, asking me to be a part of something BIGGER THAN MYSELF!


And so I go on. Plugging away at not only my TO DO LIST, but my TO BE LIST!

I aim to BE a friend, and a help to those I meet, near & far. I AIM to be a GREAT mother and wife, I AIM and fall short of these tasks.This I share with you, not because I am making excuses, but because I feel VERY strongly that only through admitting our weakness can we be made strong.

and another thing. YES I am totally DEPENDENT on spell check. It is not that I Can't spell, it is that I am lazy. Yep I said it I am LAZY.

Good day. Good Luck, and thank you for allowing me the indulgence of professing my weaknesses to the world.(Thanks Tarryn!)

time to believe.....Part 4 Become the Expert

You have committed your self to seeking out information, knowledge and experience.
DO not think you can put yourself in a box (of comfort & safety) and gain the most out of life!


That is right, get out and learn everything you can about your area of interest, as you focus on your area of interest and BECOME THE EXPERT it will not feel like work, it will feel like.....BLISS.

If you are studying, searching, working and seeking deep into the area of your greatest interest, you will find that the 'work' of the work is no longer work. (was that redundant?)

So Get that book. Read that article, search that blog, find all you have access to about the area that brings you the most happiness, interest, passion and enjoyment.

Go on....

I meant NOW!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The way you succeed.

Lose Weight

Get out of Debt

Learn a new Skill

Finish your Degree

Build a House

Build an Empire

Make more Money

Build your Year supply of Food storage.

Do you have a desire to accomplish any of these?

What is the ONE thing each of these have in common? A vision, and end Goal in mind.

When you have a desire, no matter what that desire is. You must keep your end goal in mind.

Life is a struggle, it is a challenge and a lot of work. Each day we will be faced with distractions and ways that will take you OFF focus OFF track, and Divert your attention from your goal.

When you set out to lose weight, and you get an invitation to a party, or a holiday comes up (ever single month) or your favorite chocolate goes on sale. Do you divert your path? Do you change your course? Maybe. But will you receive the benefit (reaching that goal) if you waver in your commitment to the goal.

When you set out to pay off all your debt, and Kohls has a DEEP DISCOUNT sale, and you get an offer for additional 40% off coupon. Do you divert your goal, do you spend a little more than originally planned, since it is such a great deal. Maybe. But does it bring you closer to being debt-free?

Stop and Think.

as you set your goals in writing, and you COMMIT with all your energy stick to the plan. DO NOT WAVER, focus on the desire to accomplish the task.

Stick to the task 'till it sticks to YOU!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"BOOST" Encourage and Lift.

Friends, I have the privilege and honor to partner with a successful consultant and business coach.

Offering Classes for ANY Size group, business, corporate and Schools. Anyone who has succeeded has used a coach or a mentor of some kind. Tailored to your particular situation and needs. If you feel like your business needs a boost of energy, confidence and creativity, allow us to offer support.

I HONOR and Appreciate my Mentor/Coach (Kevin Hall )

For more information on Jamie Grayson and his Experience... please visit his web page at


"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."
Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx