Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th 2011

On Monday May 16th a tiny baby girl was born at 9:25 a.m. to Maria Danielle a beautiful soft spoken Haitian woman.
This woman had a C-section for Toxemia and Anemia. She was also diagnosed with HELLPS .

I made it a personal goal to get that baby some momma's milk. it took me 3 days. Baby latched on beautifully and momma was thrilled to meet her baby girl.

after the victory of getting baby to nurse, Maria went downhill, she had gotten so ill, she was feverish and had to be hooked up to dialysis, she had several transfusions of blood and was struggling along.

She has not passed any fluids as of today, no urine and looks puffy and yellow.

I put out a plea to my FB family to please pray for her, she is such a sweet momma.

I am so sad to leave, and I worry about Maria, I worry that she never makes it home to her new baby. I worry that when she gets home, she will not have Milk to nurse, I worry that she will not have the money for formula. I worry ....