Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th 2011

I am making the rounds of good byes today. I do not like this, everyone asks me how soon I will return. I feel drawn to these people, I feel like they are forgotten in the marketing of societies who are deprived. How often do you hear of the suffering on the Dominican? Not often I would guess...These people are resourceful, hardworking and dedicated . They have a beautiful tradition, and they take pride in their heritage.

Yet they suffer. The medical skills and supplies mirror what we would have had in 1930. They don't despair and they don't look for a handout.

True Story.

Today as Lisa & I were the only student midwives on the floor,we got a call, the message was we were to meet someone (we didn't know who) in Oncology. at 10 a.m.
I asked my dear friend Rosanny to show us how to get to Oncology. She took us at quarter to Ten and walked us down the stairs, out the door and across the parking lot of the hospital. We were puzzled as to why we were being called there, but went with Rosanny.

No one called out to us, and since we didn't know who we were looking for (or rather who was looking for us) we slowly walked, smiling and waiting for Whoever it was to hail us.

We walked back to the OB dept befuddled at what to do next, when I noticed a sign that said "Oncology" right next door to the OB ward.

We entered into this section and right away recognized 2 Doctors, One was Dra. Soble. She was smiling and waving to us (so we assumed that meant she was the one anticipating us)
She took us on a tour, and used another Dr. to interpret for us. She was showing us all her facilities and then introduced us to the panel of all the specialists in the Dept.
Once she introduced us to all of the Dr's involved in the pain management and GYN-Oncology department, she asked if we thought we could get some supplies, much needed supplies for her department. My reply was, we would love to see a list to know what was needed and we would be honored to attempt at getting items on that list donated to the hospital. (In my mind I was non committal as I wasn't sure how extensive this list was going to be, and how expensive the items would be)

Later that afternoon we received their list:

2 Sphygnomoters
2 Stethoscopes
Prosthetic's (for mastectomy patients)

We were able to deliver the Blood-pressure cuffs the next day.
Along with 2 Stethoscopes.

I am working on resources for the Prosthetic's and wigs (if you have suggestions send them my way)

What an overwhelming list.

I was pained a little knowing that they lack basic supplies when our US hospitals THROW AWAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in supplies EVERY YEAR!!!!

I left a piece of my heart in the DR. Something I NEVER anticipated happening.

I dream, scheme and plan to be there again.....


as soon as possible.
With supplies and gifts.

With scalpels
With Chux pads
With Sheets
With CLOROX wipes
With baby Diapers
With Baby blankets
With baby hats
With Onesies
With Emergen-C
Bottled Water

With everything I can give....