Thursday, August 19, 2010

Valley Forge

Leaving Williamsburg VA we traveled to Valley Forge, after a long drive, Wes navigated through the crowded and traffic riddled streets, to arrive at 11 p.m. at the National Park.

It was so late, and we were ready for bed, so Wes parked in the visitors parking lot and laid down, I knew we were going to get visitors so I suggested Wes prepare for it when sure enough a Spot Light was directed to our bus and 2 patrol vehicles pulled up next to us.

Wes got up and talked with hem, they notified us it was illegal to park in this park (as they do not offer camping faculties) Wes apologized, they took our ID and we proceeded to visit with them as they ran my ID.

They said they normally would ticket campers, but felt like we would be OK to stay for the night since we had "FAMILY" painted on the side of the bus, and didn't want to bother the kids who would be sleeping.

Incidentally they asked how many kids we had on the bus and we told them 6, they asked if they were all ours? (grin) of course!

The next morning, we readied for the day, and walked around the Park, we took a tour, and learned about Washington's Army. We were in awe and humbled by what pains and sacrifices were made by our American Brothers of 1776.

They also offer a "once upon a Nation" Story telling bench, throughout the park (which is 3800 acres) they have park benches and story tellers who teach the kids in great narrative voices about stories from that time and place.