Thursday, March 15, 2012

What next...What now?

One year.

What can change in one year? You can gestate a new life in less than one year.

You can build a home in 1 year.

You can change your habits, therefore changing your life, you can create new traditions.

So much potential in a year.
Last year I had a goal, I was intensely focused on, and I was working SO HARD to accomplish my goal to obtain my CPM.

There was a trade off. The hours are brutal and the expenses involved were draining.
I was in love with the women I worked with, considered it an honor to call them my friends & comrades.

I still love these women. they are an inspiration to me.

This year is different.

Change is good.

Life is change.

And for now I re-group, re-assess, and pray that my heart will accept the path that is set before me.

I adore my life, I am in love with my husband, I am honored to parent my wonderful children.
And I accept the challenge to follow this path wherever it takes me, do not pity me, for I choose this path. I accept all that it entails, I know it will not be easy, but that which is easy seldom produces excellence.

The LEAD program I have been developing for years will continue to be developed, I will seek out opportunities to encourage the youth and the downtrodden, i love to see hope ignited in the eyes of those who felt there was no hope.

I enjoy seeing the potential of youth pushing beyond the norm and reaching for that which will bring them freedom, and peace, and their own definition of success!

Success for me is knowing that my children feel loved, supported and challenged.
Success is seeing my husband feel cherished and supported.
Success is knowing I have pleased my Father in Heaven with the work I put forth.
Success is feeling the love of those around me.
Success is sharing my testimony in word, deed and action.

Success is knowing that today I am closer to my goal than yesterday, it may not be as rapid as I originally scheduled, but a step in the right direction is still right.

And so I slow my pace, I evaluate what is Good, what is Better and what is Best.

My best is supporting my family and my Savior.
My best is praying earnestly for the courage to do what is necessary.


I am living, loving, learning to be adaptable, to be obedient, to be humble.

Pray for me. As I pray for you.