Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to release a cemented butt from the couch (or computer chair)

MY sweet espouse, has offered me many suggestions, as I am having a major lack of enthusiasm for living in this dingy duplelx. Rather than gettig out and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, I sit in the musty, stinky living room, and wish I was somewhere else, somewhere like this.....(OK not somewhere LIKE this, but here..)

Even though we moved from Alaska in April of 2006 I still have not changed the time stamp on my blog account.

This way I am seemingly an early riser, getting oh-so-much accomplished in a day!
(pat on back)

Getting to know carrotjello has been the ultimate hi-light (how do you spell that version of high light hi lite hy-lite??) of my year!


Carrotjello said...

Hmm, I'll have to imagine, since I can't see the picture. ;)

GordonWesFamily said...

OK thrid try is a charm.....

Millie said...


I love your title. :)