Friday, October 03, 2008

The Name Game

I think this kiddo (in utero) is a Female, so I am going to ask for a list of names for Girls
And I will share some of my favorites!

I want an old-fashion name: a Name with meaning, and one that is classic.

So help me out gang!

1- Clementine
2- Sophia
3- I am coming up blank

Wes's favorite is Eliza.

So post the name suggestions you have.... THANKS!


Arizona Arnolds said...

Oh, I like Eliza too. And of course I LOVE Sophia (since I love my own Sophie, but be warned because they are spunky!)
I think your whole list sounded cute!

Michelle said...

My all-time favorite link for baby names: has a cool interactive chart showing the name popularity back as far as 1880.

And I like the name Claire, personally. Or Mary, Hannah, Evangeline, or Veronica (all Biblical/Hebrew names).

Chris said...

Well you could name her Phobeba, Arila Panina. Those are old fashioned. I like Sophie, Sophia was my grandma's name. But I think it is a boy.

Psalms66 said...

Hi D... We were chatting via email a couple of weeks ago as youw ere looking for a midwife. Did you find one? I had a major computer crash and had to wipe out all of my files to get it fixed. :( So I lost your contact information. I found this link from my blog where you had originally posted.

Hope you're doing well! :)


Melissa said...

I too think my baby is going to be a girl! So I've been thinking about this same thing a little....are you going to find out? I honestly love the names you mentioned! I don't know the meaning, but I like Elizabeth & Ivy, Jessica, Ashley, Abigail hmm and many more. That's all I can think of for now! Can't wait to hear what u decide.

modest Musician said...

i really like Arila!

Greears said...

Yea, I think your getting a boy as well.... I'll have to think on it!