Saturday, September 26, 2009

For Sale by Owner

One house For sale. Built with love and all the expertise we could find.

We have built it to stand the test of multiple children! with hard floors, and room to play and learn. We figure it should house up to 12 kids. Two HUGE bedrooms and one average sized room. Master bedroom in the basement with plans for an office/nursery/and master bathroom/closet suite.

We have felt led to sell the house. In order to be able to live together as a family (shocker eh?) we must be willing to do ANYTHING. Including move to Nome, or Utah, or Africa.

We do not have a plan beyond selling the house for now, but for all the pleading we have been doing with the Lord, he has asked us how much we are willing to sacrifice, and what we are willing to do, we are being tried & tested. Hopefully we will pass.

If you know anyone who wants to buy a 3600 Sq ft home, with 10 wooded, beautiful acres, surrounded by the best neighbors and friends you could ask for, let me know, we will hook them up!



Greears said...

Oh my gosh honey, this is huge! I am amazed by your willingness and ability to let go of the thing that you've worked so hard for. I mean, today, my shell collection got thrown in the East Road dumpster and I am so attached that I climbed right in after them. Now I read about you and your families decision. Wow. My heart and prayers for you on your incredibly brave journey!

Janika said...

We might be coming up there this weekend, but we will mostly be with my mom up north. If we were visiting Consie, I would say we should watch Conference together. Maybe we will anyway, as Mike wants to go hunting on their land. You could actually meet him, then. Hmh!

G-mom said...

how much????