Sunday, January 03, 2010

Last day in my Sunday School Class.

For 18 months now, I have taught the 12-14 year olds in Sunday School. They have been so much fun! We have some days where the Spirit is so strong, and we make headway on the meaty subjects of the Gospel. And then... There are days when they are so clever & silly we get no where.

Either way I enjoy the kids, and meeting these new kids with the turn of a new year makes me a little disappointed and sad that I will not get to know them.

Instead I am called to be "The Compassionate Service Coordinator"

Yeah, its a mouthful; Basically I get to be the to wrangle up service opportunities for all the ward members. I had this calling once before in Payson. and it was not fun. I was often told "NO" when a sister needed dinners brought in, I was often the brut of rude remarks if they didn't get enough meals brought in. IT was a tough ward!

NOT SO with this ward!

They are VERY compassionate, and caring and always willing to serve. We have a very needy ward right now as I imagine many do) with all the unemployment, and the illness, we have had our share of crises in this ward. I have not been told no by a soul. I have been warmed tot he Soul to hear of offers, and going the extra mile.

I look forward to serving with the Ladies in this Relief society presidency.
I look forward to serving the numerous sisters and families in the ward who have need of help.


The Bird Family said...

Oh, how blessed are you?! I would love to be in a ward like that. Sadly, it seems many wards in Utah are not as enlightened as wards outside of 'Zion', so my experiences show me anyway. I know there are lots of wards in Utah who have many outstanding souls, but it is my trial to be in one that isn't. Sadly, our primary president is one of the souls not so willing to serve. I don't know if you read it on my blog or not, but she had Clara's cat put down for urinating on her lawn. I pray for her to be more understanding of what things like that do to somebody, but I'm not so sure my prayers have been answered yet. Patience is a virtue, right? I'm sure where I'm moving next (wherever and whenever that is!) I will have a ward that I can learn to love just as much, if not more. I'm glad to hear you and yours are doing well. We sure do miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Lana said...

Hi Dee, It sounds like you don't miss church here, but we miss seeing you and Wes. It looks like the kids are growing up very quickly. I remember the day you left and how small the four girls were. I have enjoyed looking at all your pictures and your updates. It sounds like everything is going well and that Wes is still in Alaska. One of these days we would love to come out and visit. I also wanted to tell you the Karen Baker passed away last Friday in a motorcycle accident. It is very sad and heart breaking. I will talk to you soon. Good luck on your new calling. I am glad to see that you are happy.