Monday, March 16, 2009

Gratitude & Prayer

We had a real sacre yesterday, it has taken me allot of courgae to actually share this with you all. However it ended well, and we learned a lesson, I hope you all wont BBQ me for this mishap oin the family, and instead realize we ALL as parents should hugo ur kids a little tighter, every day.

After church yesterday, around 1 p.m. our dear neighbors 2 sons Arron & Ryan, came to see our house, and the kids all went about playing. They were running between our two houses (they have 30 acres, we have 10... so they were running a ways)
They were playing so nice, and including everyone. Zeke ws in 7th heaven, he had on his John Deere boots, and his hoody jacket, and was LOVING the boys!

I had made a lovely dinner, and was snuggling with Elijah while waiting for the kids to get hungry and join me. One at a time they kids were coming back, asking if there was food, and we ate together, then they went right back out to play.
Madison brought Zeke in, and I sat at the table while they ate, and then they too went back out to play,Zeke brought me his boots & jacket, and I helped him get them on and sent him out the door.

Fast forward to 5 p.m. Madi and the rest of the girls came inside, the first thing Madi said was "Where is Zeke?" I replied that Zeke had left with them, 2 hours ago. She said he never made it.

We all ran out, and I checked the water around the house, then returned, gathered up Elijah, and went back out. We searched for 20 min and then asked the George boys to get their parents help, we looked in their water/pond, I looked all along the creek, and into the ditch, I searched along the neighboring property, that has no house on it. I saw Abigel kneel in prayer in the street, and then immediately run to search some more. I kneeled in prayer in the field, and prayed for guidance to find Zeke safely. I prayed he would be OK, and we could continue our journey with this sweet little boy with us.

I then started walking towards the opposite property line, I followed yet another creek, and then heard Madi scream out. (Not the sound I was anticipating, but a scream of horror)
I ran towards her, and she said "I found him!" I honestly thought he was dead.
I thought I was going to have to perform CPR on my baby boy.

He was asleep.

He (apparently as much as we can gather from his tale)
Followed the grils,and they were too fast, they did not know he was behind them, and the weeds were too tall for him to see over. He fell down, and cried himself to sleep.

Blessings in this escapade:
Our neighbors immediately came to our aid, they called the rest of the neighbors, and in a short period of time we had 15 people looking for him.
Our girls each took the time to kneel in prayer, and have gained a testimony of prayer.
The weather was very pleasant 56. Had it been cold, he would have fallen asleep, to never wake up.
He had his coat & boots on, so he was covered and not injured.
We found him before dark.
He was safe, and not injured.
Our prayers were answered.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, please do not grill me,and cook me alive, I know that we should have been better, we should have had a better wtch on him, and I should not have enjoyed the 2 hours without noisy kids, instead I should have had a Motherly instinct that something was wrong, and go check on the kids.

Lesson learned.


Karies place said...

I've learned NEVER to judge anyone since I certainly don't want anyone to judge me. Just am grateful you found him ok. HUGS!! I think we've all had experiences that we wished had never happened.

Wsk Family said...

YOU ARE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!!! We have all lost a child at one time or another- or had a scare of one kind or another and feel we should have been more 'in tune'. You are one of the most loving mothers I know and I am so grateful that everything worked out and Zeke was ok. Thank goodness for the understanding and trust we have of the power of prayer- look what your girls new to do on their own! Who taught them that?!?!?

Michelle said...

Wsk Family has hit the nail on the head. Every point I was going to make, they've beat me to saying it. Really, Dee, thank you for drives home to me that I should put more emphasis on teaching my kids prayer so that they can respond the way your kids did.

The Palmers said...

That is so scary! I'm glad you found him!

Greears said...

Do you remember the time Marina came to me in the night to tell me her nightlight was broken and I told her to go back and get into bed...not knowing that she had broken it by putting it under the covers with her and catching her bed on fire?

Where was that motherly instinct in the middle of the night? I'm sure it was near the same place yours was when you were sitting in the calm nursing your babe.

These things happen but look at the shield of protection these beautiful bundles are wrapped in! I'm so glad everything is ok...

Janika said...

And the precious sleeping boy was oblivious to all the turmoil he caused. The girls were oblivious to his tear-filled desire to be with them--not you, mom, don't feel bad. But Heavenly Father was mindful of everything. You won't be a parent like that for eons, but he's got your back until then.