Thursday, January 26, 2006

To keep us reconnected

HI all! I have been feeling really disconnected from everyone, I want this to be a place where everyone can share their news, or just chat about their day. I hope you all will come here and make this into a fun family gathering place.

Today has been cold my toes and fingers are numb.

Wes is home for a couple days, and the older two girls have earned a special privilege to go on a private date with daddy.
Madison went this morning, they went ice skating (the rink was opened just for the 2 of them) and then shooting guns, and the real treat was dad bought her McDonald's and candy! She knows this is only a once in a while treat as we have not bought McD's since me moved here!

Abigel is now gone with dad on her special date, she wanted to go swimming, and so they took suits, but I honestly don't know when the pool is open, so we will see what they did together.
Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Anchorage (5 hour drive) Wes's company has yearly training he is required to go to. SO we all get to stay in a hotel for free! And visit the big "W". (Wal Mart)

On our list is a may be just a wish list for now, but our TV died, no power to it.
We also need underwear, (for the girls) and a CD Dr. All of our cd's or DVD's are scratched.

We sold our puppies, they sell pretty fast here, or should I say in the Anchorage paper. They are really popular, although I keep telling Wes we need to get Yorkie's as they sell for $1000.00 a piece! HOLY COW! We could really make some money there huh?

The girls are really into a routine now, we got their fun new music CD that plays and encourages them to do their morning and evening routines,(like brush teeth, put PJ's on, Eat breakfast, clean up rooms etc...) It saves me allot of hot breath turning it on, and the kids are loving it!
Then we get right into school work. Madison has been slacking on her handwriting, and Abigel has been really catching up to her, Abi's hand writing looks almost as neat as Madi's.
AND Abigel has really been reading well. I got her some Step into reading books in the fall, and she can now read them to me!

Gracie just loves that I let her get out all her toys at once, she is so imaginative! She loves to play and play.

Rubi has a cold, and she comes to me with such a pathetic look on her face saying "Mommy, I am so sick" then she eats all the cough drops like candy! Little stinker. She has been attempting to potty train, she CAN do it, it’s just some days she doesn’t want to ;)
She has Princess Pull-up's and she does not like making them wet. (So occasionally she will take them off, and ask for a diaper, then pee and ask for a pull-up....NOT COOL!)

Wes loves getting his "emergency preparedness" stuff gathered together, he thinks we are going on a Winter Klondike after his meetings in Anc. HA! I say.....lets hope not!

We miss you all terribly, it’s so expensive to call long distance, 14 cents a min. so we rarely use the phone, and as a matter of fact our phone bill was only $5.00 last month! :D Thank goodness for calling cards eh? And the internet, we (Wes and I) communicate mostly by IM now, on Yahoo. Saves us ALLOT of $$$!

We hope to see you all in MAY! We are counting the seconds, minutes and days till we get to visit with you, I hope you will come updates US on your families going-on's here too. I hope this can be a great family gathering place for fun and to keep close.
We Love you all! And miss you too!

HUGS.....Dee and Gang.......


gardner said...

Hi Guys, We miss you so much we cant wait to see you. Makinsey just keeps saying we need to go to Alaska and why cant we go!

The kids school has been pretty good this year they are in a charter school here in the Ranches. J.C. is really not enjoying his homework though and keeps getting grounded for not doing it. Makinsey is getting better at reading but still has a little bit of a hard time. She is still just as imagaitve as ever. JC got a snowboard for xmas and he and I went to Park City and took a lesson what a trip litteraly! Here I am falling all over the place and it really does hurt, aned then here comes JC cruising around like the snowboard was a natural attachment to his body, so needless to say I am going to go again with him he really loves it.

Bryton he needs a paragraph all to himself he is really growing up fast to fast. He turned 2 on the 18th and oh he is definatly 2. He never stops moving it is unbelivable people are shaocke dat fast he can get into things. He is still absolutly addorable. HE got a pttoy for his B-day and he has gone a couple of times but I dont think he is getting the hang of it yet. He is a typical Gordon boy though anything that moves or has wheels or makes an engine sound he loves. He is still snuggly though.

Jeremy is still writing songs and pursuing music as much as he can. We are still coaching and doing Realestate. We are trying to go to the gym as much as possible so we can get back into shape. Well I better go JC and makinsy are arguing. Take care we love you! Jen

deanna said...

I received your post jen, and as soon as we get back home I will publish it, I do not have the passcodes here at the hotel!?