Friday, February 03, 2006

Wes gets the ax..well sort of.....

Hageland Aviation has been in business for over 20 years. Wes has really enjoyed working there, and the company treats their employees very well. He "jumps" (flies to or from work on multiple carriers) for free, and they provide very nice housing for him while in the Bush. The other guys seem to be really good guys to work with/around/for.

When we went to Anchorage for the annual FAA training, the company announced they have sold out to two smaller/unstable companies so that the owner(s) can retire.

So as of April 1st Wes will not be employed with them.
This means we have to find another way to get to Utah, as our ID95 tickets will not be valid( since the company is not going to exist.)
This is why he shaved off his pride(ful) and joy...his facial hair, I was tired of it, but he was really getting a kick out of seeing how long he could get it!

we are bummed, Wes is bummed becasue he really wanted to spen one more summer flying in the bush, fishing and playing in God's back country.
This also puts a time crunch on us to figure out if we are moving to Anchorage or someplace else.
We have looked into airlines in Idaho (to be closer to you all) but it looks like our best option right now is staying in Alaska, for maybe another year.

So pray for us, We love you all and hope (hope and pray) we can make it to see you in May!


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