Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sticky hot vs. dry hot

Spending a week in the dry heat at Lake Powell. The temps were in the 99-105 range, and while we were on an air conditioned houseboat, it was still pretty tolerable.
Now we are in 85% humidity and only 80 degress outside, and it is pretty sticky!

How do you get over a hump? is it midlife crisis, or is it depression (ppd?) or possibly something else. I struggling immensley, just to get out of bed every morning, I use all my energies on trying to be charitable, I know that if I lose myself in service then I will be pulledo ut of it. Instead I am so tired of trying to please everyone else. I just want to be taken care of. I want to have MY needs be the first priority of SOMEONE, my I am sounding like a pouty, pathetic, grumpy butt head.
just ignore me!

I am off to scrub more floors now.....

trying to keep my head above water.

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Carrot Jello said...

Wow. Not to plug my blog or anything, but you should go read my post for today. We could be therapy buddies. Or at least anti-depressant buddies. ;)