Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We have a new BABY!

Big brown eyes, long wavy fur, and she is so friendly!

OK, it isn't technically a BABY, it is a Baby Donkey, a miniature donkey to be exact, she is so adorable!
Her name is FIONA.... we are so lucky to be able to have these animals who love us.

I will post pictures of her, when it is not freezing winds and I can brave the barn yard.

Other than the new baby, life is the same, we have enjoyed having a fireplace, and we read by the fire often. We are out of wood this week, and it is amazing how far and wide the kids play in the house,!
I have decided that a fire brings families closer together! ;)

I have found some amazing home healing remedy's and would love to share with anyone who is interested.
One is KANGEN water it is ionic charged water and it changes the PH of water and adds a charge of hydrogen to the H2O. this way it attaches to free radicals and destroys or absorbs them and neutralizes them!
Check it out and see if there is someone close to you who is willing to share the water for free (as I do)

The second thing is called HOLY TEA. it is AMAZING within 2 hours of drinking it you will notice a change....
If you have digestive problems, you will notice an improvement, if you have toxic headaches, it will improve, it has given me energy and I have lost 4 lbs. THIS WEEK. I have not been craving all sorts of junk, and I feel quick witted, rather than dim-witted (like normal HA! :)

I have been called to be the ward camp director! I am so THRILLED, I can hardly stand it! I love being with the Young Women, and I love to be outdoors, I would love to hear from anyone who has a fond memory or event from their youth camps they would like to share, some ideas that may help spark an idea of testimony building experiences.

Thanks everyone! Lots of Love...

Dee and gaggle

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