Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Decisions are sometimes overwhleming

I have been running around searching for hte best price on Low-E Argon gas windows, originally we were going to get them in UTAH when we were visiting, we did not get that arranged in time, so now I have been scouring the earth for windows and I need to save a bunch of money.

We bought a New PELLA door on craigslist. If you have never used craigslist before, you should check it out! A free online classified listing with everything from jobs, used merchandise to NEW DOORS! ;)

SO now I have this beautiful 15 lite solid argon gas door, and I really would like 3 more to match.My basement has room for a french door, but they are running upwards of $1300.00! YOWZERS! we have $1000.00 budgeted for all 3 doors!

My front door I want to be solid wood, with windows in it I found a nice one yesterday at MENARDS. so hopefully Wes agrees and I can be done searching!

My good friend from High School got married yesterday! I am so happy for him. I hope he finds all the happiness you can find in a union . I know he will make Christ the center of his relationship, and he will adore and care for this sweet girl he has made his wife.

Speaking of Christ!!

I was sent this link by my dear friend whom I have the privilege of visiting teaching:
Sheli C. sent me this... enjoy, I Have.

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