Thursday, April 17, 2008

How many wonderful blogs there are!

I just perused my sweet cousins blog:

She is a nice gal, with allot of whit and humor, she had to in order to survive in OUR family!

I just find that I can barely keep with sarcasm out of my writing, so I choose to instead of being interesting, just trying to be nice.

I enjoyed reading her writings though, since it felt like we were sitting around chatting like old times.

I am in the process of putting up even more photos of the house, it may bore you to death, but at least I am finishing a task I have started (this blog)

I will try to put a realistic spin on where I truly spend my time:
I woke at 8:30-ish... to the phone ringing.
Wes jumped out of bed, and got the girls rolling on their animal chores which include:
Feed the chicks
Water the chicks
Feed the Hens (as they differ from the chicks)
Water the hens
Check on grazing pregnant goats (soon we will be milking again)

Put away mud boots and dress for the day
Breakfast was rolled oats, bananas and milk.
Chores, dishes, mopping, reading, scriptures, and then the younger kids went off to work on the house with daddy (yeah so glad he is home!)

Madi and I finished our morning routine, and spent extra time on cleaning the house. She and I began our studies and started baking bread, we got the bread started and began researching our family history, since she will be attending the temple this year for baptisms, we need to extract names for her to take with her, first name we found is "Maggie Ethlyn Barclay" she is a great great great aunt of Wes's.

Pretty exciting.
Then we went to the garden and started our onions, cabbage and lettuce. Hopefully we will get something from these efforst, as immediately after we planted the bitsy teensy tiny seeds, a deluge of rain fell down, and potentially washed away all of our work.

Any one want to teach me how to do those cool links so that I am not posting actual web address? I used to know how, but have not used it in so long, it is lost (in my glacier memory)

Well, now Abigel and I are making Whole Wheat No Sugar Sin-A-Buns. this time we will be adding walnuts...YUMMY!

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