Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sad day on the farm,

While the rain fell last night, I lost 16 chicks, mostly they look like they were huddled to keep dry, and the smaller ones were used to insulate the floor to keep the others warm, We also lost one turkey and the second turkey was pretty rough off, but we may have saved it. ( I don't know what gender it is)
I had to dip her in a warm sink full of water, it got her body temps up, and they I dried her off with pine shavings. She immediately stopped shivering, and was breathing more normal.

My poor Gracie is such a tender heart, she is sobbing at the loss of the chicks.

Started out with 75 chicks and 2 turkeys,
we now have 54 chickens and 1 turkey.

That is a loss of $76.00 so far :(

We are praying that we can keep the rest healthy.

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Greears said...

I am so sorry to hear about your chicks! We have serious chicken love here too. Vince gave our turkey antibiotics this winter even (we learned the hard way that you can not raise turkeys with chickens). Anyway, we feel the sadness. Hang in there farmers!