Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy times in the Spring....

I brush-hogged & Chain sawed our 10 acres, and built an electric fence for the goats, (I still have to solve the water issue before I can move them over there, but it is a start!)

If we could get rich by selling POISON IVY my land would be a gold mine! I have never EVER seen so much poisonous plant in one place. AM~AZING!

We have been super busy, we plowed and then tilled the 3 acre plot, it rained today, so we cannot plant just yet, but we are anxious to get the corn & beans planted.

Last night we had the 'pre-camp' over niter, and boy was it a doosey.

The girls had to pass off cooking with 2 new techniques. So here was the menu:

Chicken on a string (over the fire)
Veggie Kabobs
Aboriginal Potatoes (mud covered and baked in hot coals)

It was funny to watch them, and they had a good time (I think)

Then at bedtime I tucked myself in at 11:30 p.m. two other leaders were left at the camp fire, and the girls escalated into squeals and giggles until 12:30 when I got back up and asked them to go squeal in their own tents.

It got quiet and I fell asleep, then the rain started. IT was a Heck-uva storm.
The thunder rumbled the ground, and the lightning was less than 2 seconds from the thunder.

I worried about the girls, but didn't hear anything (who could over that thunder?) I figured they had all stayed in their tents, (wishful thinking?)
And tried to go back to sleep.

then at 4:30 a.m. I woke again, worried and put my shoes on, not knowing what good it would do for me to get hit by lightning, I laid back down.

then at 5:30 a.m. I was up for good, the sunrise had begun, and the girls were giggling in earnest again.

We made Muffins baked in an orange peel, and bacon eggs & toast in a paper bag.

HA! Here is where my patience ran out, It was starting to storm some more, and I was hungry and tired, so I tried to build up the fire while the cooking was going on, instead of finishing the food, I finished it off, it burned to a crisp of fell directly into the fire. Every one was tired of creative cooking (as was I) and the rain and thunder began again.

We broke camp and started calling parents to invite them to pick up the girls, I felt bad waking some of the parents up, but then, hey their girls kept me up all night ;)


So now I am a ZOMBIE So tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, and I made dinner for the missionaries, and took these pictures of the new steps on my AWESOME porch!

LOVE the new steps; I am VERY happy with how they turned out!

And Now I wait for LIA TO ARRIVE!!@@##!!


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Greears said...

I must know where you got those recipies for the creative cooking! It is funny that you were camping, kinda, because I was too and even wrote you a little note about the home run I hit with fairy house building in the meadow! Also, I have found that missing even one night sleep anymore makes me so volital that....I won't go there in public space. Does that happen to you as well? Is it a product of aging? Your place looks awsome! Thanks for posting!