Monday, June 09, 2008

Two Long and Laborious weeks...

The week Lia arrived we had so much fun, we went to all the LDS sight

Far West


We enjoyed our children's squeals of delight at catching the chickens, and riding the Goat, and watching the fire flies.
We stayed up late, laughing, talking and baking bread.
Lia made us egg rolls, fried chicken southern style, and biscuits. Yummy! (no wonder I gained 6 lbs in the past 2 weeks!)
I was so sad to say goodbye, however Lia & Mark were anxious to get home, I don't know why,Few people can spend an entire 10 days together exclusively including attending church twice! and not have a single run-in, we got along and the children  were marvelous together, I am so thrilled they made the long trek and paid the painful gas prices all to bond and visit with us.

I feel very privileged!

Then the crazy preparations for Girls Camp. We attended the Boy Scouts of America Camp Naish

They provided the cooking, the tents, and the staff for the activities, we went rappelling, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Canoeing, Shot Archery, Shot Rifles, Swimming, in addition to the camp certification for passing off the level certifications.

We were exhausted every night, we hiked at least 6-8 miles a day just getting to and from each event, the camp sight is HUGE and we were so blessed that our Stake president allowed us to attend and learn from this amazing adventure!
Here is a list of the complaints the girls logged at their "Camptimony"
Cockroaches in the tents
Spiders in the Sleeping bags
Tornado watches 4 night
Sweltering days 
Wet nights
Grumpy tent mates
Blisters on 75% of our toes
Not enough time to swim 
Not enough time to Sleep

What an opportunity for growth! These girls have been stretched and tested, and their testimony's have been strengthened. 
I applaud them for being so fun and good sports about everything we experienced!

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