Friday, July 11, 2008

Loving the lake

We have a 1 acre lake on the property we are renting right now.

It is the BEST!

It motivates the kids to get their chores done, and in the heat of the day I get to watch from the window as they gleefully romp and scream in the water.

Right now Rubi is unloading the dishwasher, and Gracie is cleaning the Library, and Abigel has cleaned the bathroom, all in order to go to the lake!


I also made 20 pizza pockets , for a later date, and 3 huge Pizzas for dinner tonight. One Pepperoni, One cheesy and One Veggie Lovers all-a Dee style! yummy! I think we should have dinner early! Like 3 p.m. how does that sound...dang it if Wes was home we could get away with that, but since he is slaving away on my new house, taping the sheet rock to perfection, I will have to wait for him.

Tuesday is going to the Tamale day. I think I will go all out, grocery shopping in the A.m. and making Tamales the rest of the day! Yummy I wish I could go shopping for the ingredients before then, durn budget....It will have to wait!

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Michelle said...

That's a great idea! How resourceful, Dee! Having good, wholesome food in the freezer can be such a lifesaver for those days, right?