Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Families & Adoption

This is dear to my heart, since I can remember I have wanted to adopt a child. or 12 :D

I have been blessed to meet and become friends with some amazing adoptive mothers(parents),
Alana is inspiring, she puts the needs of her boys ahead of herself and is so patient with all of their Island quirks.

Mindy had some from several continents, and her kids are a prefect match to her family, they are so adorable!

Shelli has adopted kids from the foster system and has taken on mountains of headaches just to give these kids an eternal family, she is a Saint!

I have been closely watching Brandon & Amanda waiting patiently, they have been married over 8 years and have wanted children So badly! Amanda crochets baby booties and has made them for every one she knows, and finally this summer she had a baby placed in her arms, baby K. And boy she steals your heart with every glance! I a so happy for them!

Now onto Beth & Brian, they had twins, I think it has been over a year.... they lost their twins, and decided after they had mourned and mended in what ways they could, they too would build their family through adoption, I would like nothing more than to see their family grow! They are such sweet and loving people, who have been through the ringer just to have a sweet bundle in their arms. take the time to look at their faces, and if you have a contact for them, well that would just be awesome!

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