Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My baby boy turns 2!!

I woke him up this morning singing "Happy Birthday"

And the celebration was over, no cake, no gifts, no fanfare, just a song and a kiss.
(Wes thinks 'birthdays' are overrated any way...)

He got to crack the eggs for his breakfast, he thought that was pretty cool, and he picked waffles for breakfast.

His birth was the most empowering event of my life, and he is such a gem.

Here are some photos of his turning 2 Day!


Greears said...

Happy "birthing day" Mama! I can't believe you've been gone two years already...what the heck! Congrats!

Janika said...

I should have skipped my last birthday.

Natalie said...

wow he looks so big! They grow so fast. what a cutie!

Arizona Arnolds said...

He is such a sun spot! Don't you wonder how you could have lived for years without knowing thier smile and laugh. I love kids. Happy Birthday cute boy!