Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have been tagged

However i have no idea what that means, in all other cases when I read about being Tagged, I just gloss over that small detail and keep reading.


Jankia was such an angel to take the time during her vacation to help me pack my garage to move, well, I feel like I owe her.

So I will follow suit and write about 5 Quirky things about me, as she did.

1- I have an obsession with the letter "i" the lower case letter, not the capital. It stems from a traumatic Valentines when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Details only to those who TRULY love me!

2- I seek out hard work, I enjoy it, I savor it, and I look forward to dropping dead into bed at the end of a hard working day.

3- I fear wealth, I do not want to be like the rich man getting to heaven, rather than a camel making it through the eye of a needle.

4- I am a Sugar Addict, just because I have eaten so little of it in the past 6 years, does NOT mean I am not addicted, it is just as hard for me to resist as it is for you. (average Joe)

5- I secretly wish I had been a famous country singer and now that my Madi has that same dream I fear for her success as much as her failure!

So now I suppose I tag someone else, but honestly I have no idea who even comes here to read my blundering, incoherent thoughts, so now I say if you have read this just post a "." so I know who is listening to me!


Kari said...

Okay, this is weird, but someone told me about your "i" issue and the reason's behind it (Lia). So when I named my daughter Allison, I shortened it to Ally, instead of Allie. People think it's a strange spelling, but how do I say, "Well, there once was a girl named Deanna...." Well, and I was trying to name her after someone named Alley.

GordonWesFamily said...

Sniffle, sniffle,you mean I had an impact (was it good?) for SOMEONE In the universe?

I think I will go write it in my journal...

O wait that is what this is, my public journal!

Janika said...

Here's to you feeling obliged! I'm sure it's killing you to have to take it easy right now. I used to love pushing myself to the limits all the time. Working a retail job while being pregnant with twins took that out of me. Thanks for playing my game

Michelle said...

Dee, e-mail me the secret "i" issue? Just thought I'd tell you that I quit drinking diet coke, and now I fall asleep way earlier at night, wake up earlier, and have more energy during the day than if I'd be reaching for dc all the time. How cool is that? I knew you'd be proud of me. The point though, and I did have one, is that now I can actually feel the exhaustion after a hard day of work and it feels gratifying!

Greears said...

Yea, you are not impacting one reads your blog...

hee hee hee

I do!

Amanda said...

So, what's this tag business? i'm intrigued. it's interesting. i'd like to know about the i's too. : )

Arizona Arnolds said...

I love to hear what you say silly. I think you have a great capacity to move people to be better and do better. and I am just a NEW friend :)