Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our fun times

I have taken photos of two of the major rooms of the house,
I am trying to get pictures of each room so everyone can see the project.
It is exhausting, and I love it!

We have decided on a name for this boy. (If indeed the US was correct and it IS a boy!)

We have never picked a name prior to birth besides Madison's

I am not totally sure on the middle name but the First name is "Elijah" and please do not pronounce it "Elisha" use the strong consonant of "J" thank you very much. ;)

Middle name i like is "Shalem" means in Hebrew, total or completeness, a derivative of SHALOM meaning peace.

I get to go get my hair cut today, and I will post photos of it later. It has been months since I have gotten it really styled. (I think it was last Feb. actually)
I AM NOT chopping it off, enough people have told me how terrible I look with short hair, so It will still be longer. (er) but not just a straight cut, something that I can actually style!

ramble ramble.... any how.

I am wondering about friends, especially friends I have reunited with on Facebook, I know most of you have done the same, found allot of fun connections with people you have not seen in 15 years. It has been fun, but I am curious, what is the reason for someone to accept you as a friend, and then not reply to any questions or comments you leave on their Wall. Why do you think this is? I mean they reply to OTHER's comments, just not mine. I wonder if they are aware of Internet etiquette. I mean when we get an Email from someone (so long s it is not simply a forward) we should reply to let them know we got the letter, and then ideally write them back.... right?

Just curious.

OK to finish school with the kids and then off for a haircut!


Kari said...

Deanna, I think Elijah is a perfect name. In fact I think I'll name my son that. Oh wait, I already did. My biggest problem is the people who call him Eli. Don't like that so much, but I'm adjusting.

Janika said...

Excellent choice on the name. Did you say you were going to post some pictures? I don't reply to everything on Facebook because it gets really time consuming, and I don't want to leave lame remarks like "I'm great, how've you been doing? For everyone to see. I dunno.

Greears said...

Put pictures of your house on your site! dang it! I'm dying over here. Elijah is perfect! and I love the middle name choice too. So old and yet fresh for these times, love it!

As for the facebook scene, as a little bit of a techie and also a super involved mom, I can see how someone might think they could handle the 'friend' status on a facebook, but then in reality have no time to actually be able to be involved in all these new re-connections.

I have found that many people think they can keep up with this stuff, but in reality they need their free time to be dedicated to solitude and braindeadness.

This ability to be super connected to each other may not be a natural ability in our human condition. It may be one of the things that some people may have to reserve for the afterlife. :)

More pictures!

Danni said...

I love both the names and I always loved your hair cut shorter.