Friday, November 14, 2008

The Holidays approaching.

I have been very busy while Wes is home this shift, we have gotten allot accomplished, we finished the drywall in 2 more rooms. Only 1 Left!

He is preparing to leave today, but only after another pet funeral.

Last night after we had all been asleep for a while, Abigel screamed a blood- curdling scream (literally, my blood went cold)

We shot up the stairs as she ran down hers, and she said she heard the dogs and her cat, and she witnessed the attack of 2 St. Bernard's on top of her little kitten.

We honestly did not believe her, we thought it was a nightmare, so Wes & I put on our boots and got the flashlights and went searching. I found her. The dogs were proudly sitting atop their conquest. They honestly thought they were going to be rewarded.

So of course we had to console our girls in the middle of the night. tears and frustration.

Today we are preparing our Thanksgiving Dinner, Wes will not be here for the "official" day.
So after a pet funeral, we will start our Celebrations.


Wsk Family said...

Poor Abbi! I am so sorry Dee! I hope she is alright and that all calms down. Good luck to Wes on his trip back to work and to you and the kids while he is gone.

Greears said...

St Bernards! I sure wouldn't think of them as the hunting type of awful... So sorry Abbi!