Friday, December 19, 2008

Count your many blessings....

I am in need of a "Blessings Check" I am feeling blue, mostly since my Wesley will not be home for Christmas. I know pathetic I am.

So here goes:

1- Bills are paid, no over due bills.
2- House is warm (unlike Mon-Tuesday when the furnace stopped working)
3- Kids are healthy & happy
4- Pregnancy is going smoothly, no complications or major issues.
5- Christmas is mostly done, only needing stocking stuffers', (What do I get when we don't feed sugar tot he kids? delima, besides the stand-by of orange or apple??)
6- We did not go into debt for Christmas (radio ads remind me of the days we used to do this)
7- We have 3 Christmas Parties to attend. Although I am not sure we will go to any of them, we appreciate the invites!
8- Fridge is full of yummy foods, just waiting to be prepared.
9- My hubby honors his priesthood and is an awesome missionary while at work.
10- My house is big and comfy and has lots of opportunities for me to practice my artistic flare. (walls, floors, all sorts of possibilities!)
11- Wes has a job. I know there are many who are struggling, and I appreciate this even if I complain about having him leave me.


Wsk Family said...

You also have lots of friends that think of you daily, pray for you and your family and love you!!! (even if they do not call as often as they should)

Amanda said...

Its so nice to type out blessings, isn't it? Thanks for sharing yours. I need to do one again myself....

Janika said...

This Christmas was pretty rough for me, too. I should probably do a blessing check.