Saturday, January 03, 2009

Another Great Christmas Surprise!!!

I got a Christmas Card in the mail today.

It was from our good friends the ARNOLD'S in AZ. Not only did I get an adorable and fun photo, but I got a highly coveted DVD.

I was so stunned it brought tears to my eyes!

THANKS MARLA you are awesome! I am so blessed to be a friend of your family and I consider it a great compliment that you thought to send this gift to me. I will treasure it and use it up (probably wear it out) It is on target to be my Sabbath Video. Probably on a continuous loop. I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

We also had a fun filled week belated Holiday fun with Wes, he arrived home from work a couple days early (THANKS Bruce Tweto at Hageland, he takes good care of us!)
So Wes arrived home, took a nap and the party started at 6, the Grove family arrived, and soon after the Gardner's. We had lasagna, chips, dip, blueberry pie (Madi made it) tons & tons of food, and fun, we played games Apples to Apples, and Man Bites Dog, we played Yahtzee, and National Geographic Geography Pursuit. WHAT FUN! thanks to all who came and made this a great New Years eve.
The next morning we extended the festivities and the Groves were here for Breakfast, we made waffles (it took us almost 2 hours!) and then the kids cleaned up while we lounged on the couch, visited and played a few more games. 48 hours of partying. My kind of holiday!!!


Arizona Arnolds said...

You are very welcome. I glad we could add to your happy holidays. I just love how you inspire others, glad we could find something to lift you too.

Karies place said...

Cute photo!