Tuesday, April 14, 2009

School Pictures

the co-op we have joined offered the girls to get a school picture taken.

To embarrass them and torture them we agreed.
All i have to say is; It is a right of passage in growing up to have photos displayed in public for all to laugh and ridicule.

Glad I could offer this for them, a chance to be humiliated in front of all you! ;)


Phogles said...

wow, the way you posted those pictures, it looks like an age progression of one girl. Your daughters all look so much alike, and are such lovely girls. Who did the pictures?

Amanda said...

I agree with the other person...they all look SO much alike! The pictures are way cute! :-)

Janika said...

Sorry, but you there's nothing for them to be embarrassed about. :)

GordonWesFamily said...

*I* Agree theya re beautiful, however THEY came home MORTIFIED that they look "silly" is what they think, Madi is the WORST! She is HORRIBLY ANGRY with em for even keeping the pic (wonder how she would feel when she knows I posted it for the WHOLE WORLD to see??)

I love it!

Pics done by Lifetouch

Candice said...

they're looking cuter and cuter every time I see them! Madi is definately a young woman now! *sniff sniff* I can't believe how fast they have all grown! Don't be a stranger!

Seth & Melinda said...

did the photogropher have a rubber chicken?