Wednesday, May 06, 2009

OK enough of this

I have been Uber-Busy.

I am planning the last of Girls Camp for June 9-12th and I have a talk to give on Mothers Day Sunday.
Besides pulling myself out of a PpD state, and spring is here, so I have been trying to get out and do yard work. (It is WAYY too overwhelming!)

SO I am sorry I have not been writing to you (my journal) I am sorry I have not had much of a positive outlook lately. I will focus on being more in control!

I will love my life, like I normally do.

This morning when I went to wake the kids for the day, I saw this:

They were all jumbled into bed together, so funny since 4 beds were sitting empty so that they could all cram into bed together. Love it. Siblings that are angelic (while they are sleeping)

And Eli is so funny, he has a bouncy seat with a globe mirror over the top, he loves laughing at himself and talking to himself.... he is so enthralled by the reflection.

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