Sunday, May 24, 2009

Special Blessings Temple ceremony

I was HONORED & Privileged to be able to attend my baby brothers sealing ceremony to his Adorable wife & Cherubic baby!

There is not much more in life that brings true happiness than to know this little family is bound for eternity. and they are committed to one another enough to make Covenants with the Lord!

What a neat trip! We left on Tuesday attended an evening session at the Timpanogos Temple and then the sealing at the Salt Lake City Temple on Wed. Morning.

Here are some Photos my Awesome MOM took!

Group Photo Includes: Seth & Melinda, Grandpa Roy White, Grandma Clara Dodge, Grandpa Arvid Dodge,Wesley Gordon, Dee Gordon, Lia Huntington,MARK the great (a.k.a Huntington), Haylee holding Elijah, Mom Chris Dodge, Dad Randy Dodge.

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Seth & Melinda said...

Dee, i was thinking today about how awesome you are to have come out here to be there, You are the best, we (I) love you so much!!!!