Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Life in the Gordon home.

It is ever changing, isn't it? Life is meant to keep us growing and learning and allow us the thrill of growing pains!

Wes is headed off to Jefferson City MO, again, this time for stage 2 of the MHP trooper application/selection process. Say a little prayer for him, he has to take a 3 hour Polygraph test. (fun) (on our 14th Anniversary)

By swallowing my pride and asking for help (not only from the Lord, but from you, my awesome friends) I have been given some very sound advice lately.

I am just like every one else, on a path. I am not perfect, and I have work to do. However with the Lord by my side, and the opportunity to read my scriptures daily, I have found that I can over come the anxiety & perfectionism and enjoy life once again.

It has been 4 months at least that I have not slept for more than 4 hours. It has nothing to do with that chubby bubbly baby of mine, It is hormones & anxiety & tooth aches. (no cavities just pain)

So I go on little to no sleep, and then I wear myself out physically during the days, and hope and pray that I can be tired enough to fall asleep.

hasn't happened yet, but I am going to keep trying.
I know Satan wants me to be discouraged, He wants me to feel bad about the list I have made that never gets completed. But he will not win, I have too many GREAT women in my life who set a FINE example for me and who share with me how they cope & succeed through thier daily homeschooling struggles, thier raising a large family pains, and thier feeling inadequate.

I CAN DO THIS, Through Christ all things are possible.

And now I am off to study my scriptures and fill my cup.

(FYI: 6 days left until camp!)

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Elle said...

hey I emailed your yahoo acct. which I don't know if you have anymore? But we will pray for your grandma!