Thursday, June 11, 2009

saying Goodbye.

Grandma Clara passed away at home surrounded by love and with her children nearby. Grandpa Arvid was able to kiss her and send her off.

She was the first example of Grace and Womanhood that I remember, she cared for me before I was legally hers. (as a granddaughter) she fed me warm jell-o when I was delirious with the flu. She taught me how to make bread, soup, gravy, jelly. She taught me how to get berry stains out my my shirts (which happened frequently as we picked all the fruit on the farm growing up) she taught me numerous Hymns, she would challenge me to memorize a scripture, my articles of Faith and Hymns.

I lived next door to her for a few years while growing up, and never felt more loved and wanted in all my life. She never got cross with me, and she would read to me, and allow me to trail her every move.

I learned that General Conference was a delight by her example. I learned that the Gospel is a full throttle total commitment!

She served 2 missions, one when she met Grandpa in Canada, and one when Grandpa and She were in their 70's to Mississippi.

I could go on all day about all the wonderful things she is to me.

I loved her. I Love her.

I feel as if she was twinkled for her perfection.

She was fit as a fiddle for 93 years, and in the past 3 weeks she has had her first real health problems, the Lord took her quickly, if ANYONE deserved NOT to suffer, it was Grandma.

She was an angel on Earth, and is an Angel in Heaven now.

Thank you Clara for all you have done for us all!


Jenkins Family said...

Dee Your thoughts and memories of your grandma have touched me and have also made me remember how much I miss our Grandma and My Grandma!! We are so blessed to have such amazing women of examples in our lifes !! You need to write your thoughts and memories down for the kids that won't get to know her!! I hope you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!! I am so proud to call you my cousin ! You too are a amazing example to many of us !! I love you very much and I am here if you should need anything!!

marie said...

Dee~I'm so sorry about your Grandma. She was a wonderful person. Thank heavens for all of your memories of her.

Melissa said...

how sweet! I'm crying just reading your beautiful post! She's still an example even after she has passed. Reading about her makes ME want to be better for my kids! Thanks for your sweet post.

Tammy said...

She was an amazing woman wasn't she. I just found your blog through Michelle. Hope that's ok. I have a post about Grandma on my blog too. If you want to read it send me your email at and I will invite you :o)