Saturday, July 18, 2009

A photo I have been waiting a LONG time to share....

I took a couple of these, Mom took one, Abigel took one and I put together this collage of Eli's first few days.

I Had to wait to show anyone, since one of the photos was used as a Baby Gift to a sweet girl in the ward. Her mother did not want her to accidentally see it before she was able to give it to her.

I am happy to say the gift was a smashing hit, I put it into PS and created a merged doc, with a poem. It brought the new momma to tears, mostly Because her mother created an amazing & Inspired poem.

Here is my Collage:

And here is the gift we printed at 11x14 and put it in a beautiful gilded frame:


Elle said...

That poem is so neat.
Hey, you need to start a book list....I have been thinking of you & the books you had suggested I read, I wanted to know, what next?

Christine said...

Well done- I love it! Could you do one of me & my baby? hee hee- he looks like he is older than he is.