Friday, July 10, 2009

Pitocin Induced Births: Another danger/Threat

"Pit to Distress": Your Ticket to an "Emergency" Cesarean? - Unnecesarean -

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Kari said...

I have been induced for all three (and had them vaginally), but that is really horrific. That is a really stupid thing to do.

Janika said...

I had to have two induced because I was two weeks over after having hard contractions for a whole month. I had to deliver Andrew on my back because they said his heart rate was dropping too low whenever I would sit up. Yuck!

Greears said...

You know, on that quiz you sent me, there was a question, "Have you ever skinny dipped."

You responded 'no'.

Hello, what is a water birth. I think you totally were skinny dipping!

GordonWesFamily said...

Pitocin induced labors CAN be safe & CAN be a viable option, it can be an abused option, as we are starting to see more often.
I too used Pitocin with Rubi's birth, it was necessary and my Dr. went slow & easy, I did it with no pain meds, and I survived.

Alana, I had a bra on... so I half skinny dipped.