Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Elijah is Crawling!

He has been scooting himself backwards for about 3 weeks now. He just crawled officially and purposely towards me!
I had to document so he (in 30 years ) will know I paid attention to him!
I Love this little squirt!

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The Bird Family said...

I didn't even know you had another boy!!! I guess it shows how 'in tune' you and I are! I was just writing Lia telling her that I have a little boy in my 3rd grade class, that I am teaching, that looks exactly what I imagine Zeke looks like right now. And another funny coincidence- I'm teaching at Spring Lake Elementary- right next to your old house in Payson! Woah, I knew there was a reason I was having all of these coincidences. I'm glad to see that your expanding family is going well. I hope to see you at the Christmas party!

Love always, Candice

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