Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We have been so blessed, this year the kids were thrilled (as usual) with the gifts left by Santa, and family.

We all felt spoiled.

I especially was feeling the love!
Wes built SEVERAL projects for my present!
He built an Island, 2 HUGE shelves in the food storage room, hung the pot rack, hung the picture frame sent by Amanda & Bryce (LOVE IT!) and hung my two decorative shelves. He also found me a New Mac!

Thank you Wesley, YOU are AWESOME! I LOVE YOU! (and I am so happy you were with us this special time of year)

We love you.

Wes got a 'ruff' for his gift, it was made by a lady in Alaska out of Wolf, beaver & Wolverine furs. it keeps his face covered in the wind & cold in Alaska.

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