Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abigel Arvina turns 12!

My Spitfire turned 12 today, she is such a fun kid, and draws so much light and happiness towards her. She is without malice, and guile, she is all sweetheart.

So much fun,

she also puts her needs aside to ensure that others are being taken care of.

When she was in preschool, and won a prize or got a treat (package of smarties) she would hold the candy in her sweaty little hands until we got home just so she could share with sister and daddy.

Always she loves and endures s much for us. We are so grateful for her!

I took her to get a haircut and we enjoyed lunch with daddy, I have to say, it took some convincing to get the stylist to cut it short enough in back, but WE LOVE IT!

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