Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hannibal, MO Mark Twain caves

As our last Huzzah before we got home we stopped at the Mark Twain caves, Madi guided me right into the camping spot (after we drove over a power box & created a HUGE spark/explosion)
My first and only casualty,
we lounged, did some laundry and took the cave tour (Over priced but interesting)

Then got up bright and early to hit the road home, it was a grueling 3 hour drive, and it went too fast. As we crossed the Mississippi I had an overwhelming and depressing feeling that my traveling days were over.

The freedom of driving away from the town you had just visited, the setting sites on a new unexplored location , and the exciting ever changing movement, we never stood still for our trips, we just kept on plugging along, it was fantastic!

But then we came home, settled into the same old routine and now I still fight the urge to cry each day I wake up in the same place.

Don't get me wrong, I love Missouri, it is beautiful, it is welcoming, it's not the location that breaks my heart, its the fact that every day is ground-hog day.... the same things




never changing,

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I love the movie Groundhog Day because there is something to be learned. I think that there is something for you to learn by being in MO right now. Don't know what it is, but I am sure it is important. I look forward to traveling with you once we are both able to again. Mark Twain's town was one of the kids' favorites stops last year....especially the boys.
Pura Vida, mi amiga. ;)