Friday, October 21, 2011

Managing the Chaos

I have 6 kids.
4 Daughters (two are teens) and 2 sons (5 yrs & 2 yrs)

I LOVE parenting them, they are such a joy.

But it was not always so. OH NO, if you go back into the archives of this blog, you may find days of ranting, screaming and raving. Threats, and frustration uncooperative children, and a wreck of a home every single day.

I was at my whits end.

I cried daily, and I begged heavenly Father to take this burden from me. I seriously dreamed of sending the kids away to boarding school, to public school, to army camp....

I did not have a love for the daily tasks of being a mom, and I did not feel like I was helping to equip my children for success.

Then I met a literally, she has 25 kids, and she has such a sweet demeanor and her children were kind, obedient, and respectful.
I was so privileged to spend an entire 6 weeks with this amazing mom. I observed for the first couple of weeks, and finally got the nerve to start asking questions and finding out how she managed.

I shared the wisdom I learned from that on this post....

but I expanded on that knowledge by listening to This set of CD's and I have altered and forever changed how I saw mothering and parenting. I can honestly say my paradigm has changed and I feel LOVE and HONOR to parent these kids. I am IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE!

If you are struggling, please consider the changes that can come in your heart, and in your habits that will change how you view parenting and how you view running a household.
Take the time to listen to this CD and let me know what YOU learned from her advice and experience.

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