Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Lesson

I am excited to teach Sharing Time this afternoon. I have been thinking of this lesson all month and planning how I am going to share with the kids all the love and acceptance for others who are different.

I am hopeful the message of love and acceptance will be conveyed, and that the kids will be better prepared for Peter's arrival.

I am SO GRATEFUL for a supportive Primary President and Bishop who are understanding and supportive of my new child and all the uniqueness of his needs.

Wish me luck!!

The kids were wonderful, as I shared with them the analogy of a little seed being a mystery, and how when we look at a seed, we can not tell what it will grow into, but that if we nurture, care for and allow that seed to grow, eventually it will become what it always was!

We are all that tiny seed. We all need nurturing, care, and provisions to grow to our fullest potential.

I also shared with them how important it is to always be on our best behavior as we are constantly teaching others how to behave in a situation, and our behaviors will shape and change others around us. May we ALL allow those little seeds the proper care to germinate into the plan our father in heaven has in mind for them and us!

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Laraine said...

I would have LOVED to have been in that primary sharing time! You are a wonderful teacher & I'm so grateful you were able to share your testimony & knowledge in this way. So excited for Peter to join his family to church some day soon:)