Friday, July 13, 2012

Chores & keeping order

Keeping our home in order is a full time job!

The kids each have daily chores that must be done before they can have free-time.

Then they have extra chores that are not assigned daily, but need to be done periodically.

When I saw this idea on Pinterest. I KNEW it was going to make me a happy momma!

I take tours through each of the kids' rooms daily, typically if I find something that belongs to them out of place, i toss it out. Yep, I throw it away!

This new Concept has me in a win/win situation.

I get to put all those extra chores that must be done every day in the envelope, and put all the extra stuff I normally toss out into the bin! I will give the kids 3 days to retrieve the item, and if it is not claimed through an extra chore, it will meet its demise into the circular file!

I chose a CLEAR bin so that everyone could see exactly what was inside the box, I also laminated all the chores so that I can use them over & over. Here is the box completed. ( I laminated the envelope too, then carefully cut it open.)

Here is the jpg of the chores and the poster pasted to the bin.
Of course if you do not have chickens, or the jobs are not fitting for your family, you will get to create your own files! ;) Already tonight I have several items in the bin, including a pair of my 13 year olds' jeans :)
I'm doing the happy dance, since I get to have my walls scrubbed and the chicken coop cleaned without a fuss! :D

Oh, one caveat I made, you MUST take the job you draw out....No picking & Choosing!!


daysonsmom said...

I thought about trying this too. However, my kids tend to catch on quickly. I can see them putting everything away on time and them my extra chores will need to find another outlet for completion. I am going to do this anyway. I also just throw things away. Just today, I swept the floor and into the pile went a hair bow. I said to my 4 year old, "Get that hair bow or it goes in the trash." She looked at it, jumped over the dirt pile, and said, "bye-bye, hairbow!" I was shocked, but threw it away still. Great post. I enjoyed it.

The Wes Gordon Family said...

I agree with that. maybe tomorrow I can make a list of all the OTHER WAYS I use to implement extra choreduty ;) it might be a long post....since I use extra chores serious leverage :D