Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scavenger hunt....

One place I frequently stop into is Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. They sell used items for rock bottom prices, a gallon of pain can be less than $5 sometimes I go there, I look through the paint aisles and if I find a color I like, I buy it and save it for a project. I have about 15 gallons of paint in varying colors in the basement. This week it came in handy. We have been saving every last penny for our traveling expenses, while it is Christmas Time and everyone else is out shopping and adorning their home with the latest styles, we are scheming, planning and enjoying a simplified Christmas. I am pretty sure it is the nesting instinct, even though Peter is already here with us, it is nerves from the upcoming events that are causing me to stress, worry ad fidget. So Last week I called in the helpers and on Monday we painted, for 10 hours straight, and then this week I painted solo some more... I am so happy that I had these paint colors stashed away for this time, when I had the energy and desire to "DO SOMETHING" but I needed to limit my resources! What fun it was to paint the 'projector screen' onto the wall, and then the boys room got a little wains-coat type accent color, in all, i feel accomplished. and now i go back to planning our global journey!

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