Sunday, February 05, 2006

Changes.....we can never stand still....

With Wes's Company selling, we are again on the hunt for a job. We are in total LImbo, there are no options like what he is doing at this point, we are not willing to go back. He is making a decent salary, and getting the time he needs to 'by-pass' Sky-West. He is putting in a resume with Northern Air Cargo. They are equivilent to DHL or UPS. They are a growing company with a hope to enter the Asian market. they would be a strong company to fly for. We are praying he can get hired there.
The bad part is, No matter what happens we will not be able to fly to Utah on our ID95 in May. so we can not afford to pay full price for 6 tickets ( $2280.00) So we are confused as to what we will be doing for our planned trip.

On the home front, the kids are enjoying Hockey, playing 4-5 days a week.
Rubi is growing up fast, and is wearing her "big-girl panties" (huggies Pull-ups) she is at the hit and miss point, some days she hits it every time, other days its a total wash.

Well, for now, we will leave you to enjoy the plethora of family pictures.
We love you all!
Hope to see you soon!



Amanda said...

Hi Dee and family,

Thanks for sharing your blog spot with me! It was fun to read through your blog and see all the fun pics. I'll have to save this page in my favorites so I can check back in with you every now and again! You all look GREAT! I got the biggest kick out of Wes's beard pictures. The girls are just as darling as ever! :-)

Candice said...

I love the pics! Great beard, Wes! :) We miss you guys so much. Phil wants to come visit you guys sometime soon, but our friends from England are coming over here during the summer, so it will have to be after that. (I bet you know why he wants to come, other than you, of course----FISHING!!) He loves fishing and has been there before and wants to go back. Little Clara is doing well, too. She says every kid is a baby and gets mad if they won't let her 'hold' them. We have lost and added 1 member of our animal family. Brittany's cat died from a kidney stone and then we bought a chocolate lab named Cocoa to compensate. It kinda worked, except she's a little bit bigger than her lap cat. Although she still wants to sit on your lap all the time. Anyway, we're all doing just fine down here and we hope to hear from or see you soon.

Lots of love,
Candice, Phil, Derek, Brittany(my step-daughter), and Clara

Bryce said...

Hi guys,
I did not know that you had a website. No one has told me so that is why i have not been coming. Well miss you guys. I like your beard wes. Its too bad that you had to shave it.
Good luck with the job hunt
Love you guys

Holly Boyle said...

Hey Gordon Family! I was so glad to get your blog site! I miss you guys (uh...actually gals) a lot! That's too bad about Wes's job! I guess we'll see where the Lord takes you. He has a funny way of doing things sometimes. Are you planning on being gone this summer? I was hoping that once I got home from school and got a job going that I could come down that way and relive my "old" memories. Plus I really want to see Homer in the summer. It was incredible in the winter, I can't imagine what it will be like all green and alive. I hope that we'll be able to work it out so that I can come see you! It was so nice to have a family of girls to be able to eat with as a sister missionary. Thanks for the love. Madison is playing hockey! Hurray for her! Is it pretty safe or is there a lot of contact in the sport? I wouldn't imagine girls getting out of control like the boys do. Anyway, it was really good to hear from you. The pictures are great! It's sad how fast they grow up though. My sister has two boys ages 2 and 7 months. It's hard to watch them grow up, and at the same time I can't wait. It's weird and mixed feelings and they're not even mine. Well, love and miss you girls! Good to hear from you. Let's keep in touch, k?

Chris said...

Hey good to see all is well in alaska. I am geting stronger every day. cant wait to be able to sleep on my side again. we are doing lots of wedding stuff. I am right at home with that. Can't wait till you all come home to see us we are counting the days. Mark came down the other day and had dinner with us. They are trying to have a baby. She has some problems. They are hopefull. She is no fertility pills maybe twins. I just hope she gets pregnant. Mark has wanted a baby for so long now. He would be realy disapointed if she cant have any. Well thats about all thats new.Love ya Miss ya. Mom