Friday, February 17, 2006

So happy to hear from many of you.

I finally sent out pictures of the girls, but rather than my intended 18 cards with Pics, I only sent 4.
So after everyone has received theirs, I will post the pictures used, I don't want to spoil the surprise! ;)
I have been feeling the winter blues, really wishing I could just cook for one day, ok more like a month. I feel like I am frozen solid, and need a good thawing. IT COULD BE WORSE! So I am happy to be happy, but longing to be warm!
The girls have been such good kids! We began a new system of chores and daily readiness, I found it on The two older have already had one private date, and Madi has earned her second, so we are going alone to Glory Road this evening. SHE IS pretty excited!
Rubi has been pretty sick this week, moaning and coughing, and keeping me up all night. She had a fever for three days, that is gone during the daylight, but comes back at night now. Of course she only wants to sleep with mommy, and that makes GREAT for restful sleep! (NOT!)

Madi was reminding me of some of the funny things Rubi has done this past year;
She spent a day searching for the hidden binkies, when she found one she just popped it into her mouth and promptly fell asleep. In the bathroom sink! HA !
I will try to find the picture to show, it was pretty cute!

Well I love hearing form you all, and if you cant figure out the online posting of pics to add, just email them to me and I will post them here!

We Love you all cant wait to see you.
(no new news on Wes's position, I will keep you posted!)


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