Saturday, July 14, 2007


This writing has to be cathartic for me, I am sorry i do not have more uplifting subjects to refer to at this pont, but right now I am barely holding on to sanity.

5 years ago, I slowly lost the use of my hands, I had a baby (my 4th) and when it was time to open a baby food jar, i could not do it. I simply could not grasp the jar and turn, I had no strength left in my hands, and I hurt All the time. I was always in pain, my head, my back, my eyes, my hands. My family has a history of arthritis, so i just chocked it up to this, and went to my Dr. he perscribed me this: Celebrex and here is what I read about it:
may cause sudden daeath.
hmmm.... pain in my hands, or death....hmmm...pain in my back....or death.....hmmmm tough one, i think i choose pain in my hands!


I made the choice NOT to take the meds I was perscribed. I was going to school (UVSC) and signed up for a beginning yoga class (gasp) I was BY FAR the fattest and oldest person in the what did I do? ;)
I invited my mom to join the class! (now at least i was not the oldest anymore)

So i meet my ideal amazing Yogini. Denise Preston. She taught me much more than just downward-facing-dog.
She introduced me to Dennis Remington. Dr. Remington ;

It changed everything, my outlook on life, the way I ate and especially my personality, I went from raving, angry lunatic, and it changed me intoa calm, happy patient mother. I am talking 180 turnaround.

I spent 4 years eating like a 'rabbit' and I was a happy, normal, wonderful patient mommy, I homeschooled my kids, with great patience and love, i learned new things, i studied my scriptures and taught my children great skills.... crocheting, baking, sewing, painting, I was a candidate for "Mother of the Year 2005"

Then pregnancy #5 hits me. and it was the first time in 4 years I ate an orange. I had not been able to eat fruit, not even a grape, they would make me violenty ill.

Baby #5 would make it so I could eat fruit. and fruit I ate, in all forms, as much as I could get my hands on.

However as I ate the fruit, and had the first sweetness in my mouth, it became overwhelming how I wanted sugar, as I had not eaten ANYTHING with sugar. I ate nearly only vegetables and legumes, and occasionally bread.

I felt like an addict. all I could do was think of sugar, obsess over it, long for it, wish and imagine eating it.

eventually it got the best of me and I ate some sugar on a cruise my husband and I took. I was so sick from gastric issues for a month, that i did not eat any more sugar for a long long while.
Fast forward to this month, life has gottent he best of me,a nd I have eaten sugar on a nearly daily basis for the past 2 weeks. AND NOW, well you have read the posts about being mentally compromised, and I know KNOW that it is becuase I am highly allergic to sugar, and I can not even have a substitute, so let me introduce myself

Hi, My name is Crazy lady...and I am ..... addicted to sugar, in all forms, natural, fruit, honey, raw, brown, its many forms. I know it will keill me eventaully, and so I will once again go on a cleanse and know that when I indeed kick the habit, I will never again be able to eat sweets, in any form.
Thanks for reading about my ramblings.....



Tammy and Parker said...


THANK YOU for the Good Mail! Wow! Just thank you!

I am way behind in my blogging, but I will get it up!

Thanks again!

GordonWesFamily said...


It has been in my wallet for 2 years, so I am not THAT Cool....

Just wanted it to go to good use, ((and earn some heavenly brownie points ;) )

Carrot Jello said...

Oh, that is a sad tale. A very sad tale indeed. I was getting ready to send you candy. What do I send you now? Peanuts? Can you eat peanuts? Shoot, what doesn't have sugar in it that you can mail? Paper? Can you eat paper?

GordonWesFamily said...

Carrot, I eat paper, (no not really.)

Actually I am REALLY difficult!

I am a hard one to please, but you can send me.....
whatever! I am thrilled just to see something to me (that does not say I owe money!)