Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb. 22, 2008

Wow I get busy. We went to Utah (again) my baby brother Seth got married, to a sweet girl Melinda. They are prefect for each other!

The wedding was nice and we were happy to be there. But the financial crunch it puts on us is getting to be too much.

I really don't want to go again for a L.o.n.g. time. I get tired of cinching down the belt when we get home, just cause gas & feeding my crew gets taxing.

I also saw my cousin Juston. He and his ADORABLE wife Heather are now getting divorced, they signed papers, and it breaks my heart, I love both of them dearly and I think juston has made some HUGE mistakes, but Love can conquer all. If we will let it.

Moving on. Too depressing.
I got to see some videos of our dearest friends in Homer, AK.
The Greear Family were are biggest support while navigating the ins & outs of Headstart & Life in general. We sure love them, and miss them....I am all choked up thinking about the fun times we had together, and boy I wish I was rich and could see them often. (Especially when they make their next trip to Bali!) wink wink

I promised pix of our newest family member, here is Fiona!


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Greears said...

You are so sweet to include us in your love! Look at us rural girl bloggers! Your family is beautiful.